Perfluoropentane (Dodecafluoropentane) C5F12 

FluoroMed Trade Name:  APF-30M  (Dodecafluoropentanes, 99.0%)

An isomeric mixture consisting of dodecafluoro-n-pentane,
 77.0 to 87.0%, and dodecafluoro-iso-pentane, 12.0 to 22.0%

APF-30M is available in quantities of 1 to 30Kg and is considered suitable for use in finished pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

US, Canadian, and European DMFs on file.

FluoroMed Trade Name:  APF-29M (n-Dodecafluoropentane, 99.0%)

APF-29M is currently available as a research grade only, not suitable for use in humans except under an approved protocol.

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Typical Physical Characteristics
Boiling Point: 28-30 °C
Pour Point: -115 °C
Specific Heat, 25 °C: 0.26cal/g°C
Liquid Density, 25 °C: 1.63 g/ml
Liquid Density, 35 °C: 1.59 g/ml
Vapor Density, 1 atm: 10 (air = 1)
Vapor Pressure, 25 °C: 630 torr
Thermal Conductivity, 25 °C: 0.5 w/cm °C x 103
Average Molecular Weight: 288 g/g-mole
Heat of Vaporization: 21 cal/g
Kinematic Viscosity, 25 °C: 0.4 cSt
Surface Tension, 25 °C: 9.5 dynes/cm
Coefficient of Expansion: 1.6 ml/ml C x 103
Refractive Index, 25 °C: 1.33*
Oxygen Solubility, 25 °C: 80 ml O2/100 ml
Dielectric Strength, 25 °C: >33 kV (2.5 mm gap)*
Resistivity: 1015  Wcm*

*Estimated Value


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